Easy Ways To Manage Money

You Or Others Can Easily Send Money To Your Student. Here's How!
When your student needs money in a hurry for unforeseen expenses, you want to make sure they get it immediately. Sending them a check in the mail is just not immediate enough. One of the reasons the OneAccount is so flexible is the ability to send money to your student electronically, where it will be directly deposited into their OneAccount automatically. It's easy to do and doesn't require any special trips to your bank...just a journey on the "information highway." Just log on to PaceUOne.com and click on the "Sign Up To Send Money" button, then follow the instructions. Once you've added and confirmed a funding account, such as your own checking or savings account, you'll be able to transfer money electronically to your student.

Here Are A Few Great Reasons To “Send Money” To Your Student Throughout The School Year
Student’s Birthday A special gift to celebrate their day.
September The start of the fall semester for books and supplies.
November The upcoming holiday season.
December A special gift the student can purchase for themselves during exams.
January The start of the spring semester for books and supplies.
February A special “hang in there” gift for mid-terms.
March “Spring Break!”
April A special gift the student can purchase for themselves during exams.
May A special “end of the year” reward.
Other Occasions  

Where Does The Money Go?
We all know that a college education is not cheap. However, it is absolutely one of the best investments you can make for your student's future. Surely you've asked the question "Where DOES the money go?" There are tuition payments, housing, meals, clothing and extras such as laundry, furniture for the dorm, books and supplies, computer hardware and software, entertainment and well, we could go on. The point is, there are a lot of expenses incurred. How do you keep track of them? If your student pays for most of these things with their Pace OneCard Debit MasterCard®, keeping track of spending will be very easy. The OneAccount online statement will show every deposit, every money transfer, every Debit MasterCard® purchase or automatic bill payment, and every check written will be clearly identified. The student will be able to see any trends in their spending habits. If the trend is bad, they can take steps to correct it. Conversely, if their spending habits are good, they can see the reasons why and keep up the good work. The ability to track spending easily and the convenient anytime access to the OneAccount makes planning and sticking to a budget simple while they learn how to manage their money.

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